Top photo - our cute mini barn, finally finished after a year of construction :) From the house, we access the barn via this bridge, into the hay loft and down the stairs. There are big, airy doors on either end of the stable as well.

Middle photo - Thór running around the paddock. The paddock opens into a big ass field for their grazing pleasure :) The open door on the stable opens into an extra large box stall, which doubles as a run-in shed during the day.

Bottom photo - Vigri peeking into the stable for the first time.

That is one GORGEOUS barn! And I can’t get over that walkway to the loft! Wow!

Thank you!! Our next-door neighbor is an architect, he designed it and came up with the bridge idea for easier access in the winter :) But the horses won’t be living here full time for a few years yet, because we don’t live here full time yet - I’m still in school in the city. I hope to be here full time eventually, though!!

Wow! You’re seriously so lucky! You should post some photos of the inside!